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Exemption from contributions

Reciprocal agreements

Scholarship recipients

Students with their family


Reciprocal agreements
In accordance with international agreements, students from Belgium, France, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal and Sweden who were covered by the social security plan in their countries before their arrival in Québec (insured or entitled to be insured) are provided free coverage by the Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec (dental care, glasses and medication are not covered. Please note , French students receive a reimbursement for prescription drugs).

To obtain their Québec health insurance card, students must provide proof of registration in the social security plan of their countries. Procedures for obtaining the health insurance card will be explained to them upon their arrival.

Belgium: form BE-QUE 128 of the National Social Security Office

Denmark: form Que-Dan4 or tourist health insurance certificate issued by regional health services.

Finland: form SF-Q4 issued by the Social Coverage Institution.

France: form SE-401-Q-102 “Attestation d’appartenance au régime français préalablement au départ pour le Québec” or SE-401-Q-106 "Attestation d’affiliation au régime de sécurité sociale du pays d’origine - échanges interuniversitaires."

Greece: form GR/QUE 6 of the National Social Security Office.

Luxemburg: form Lux-Que4 issued by the Caisse de maladie luxembourgeoise.

Norway: certificate for social security abroad from the National Social Security Office.

Portugal: contact the Social Security Office to obtain the required document.

Sweden: social security certificate from the National Social Security Office.

The documents can be presented to Québec and Canadian immigration authorities. However, students must keep the original, because it is required to open a file at the Régie d’assurance-maladie du Québec. To withdraw from the UdeM group plan, students must present the letter of eligibility sent by the Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec to the Bureau des étudiants étrangers. This letter must indicate the dates of valid coverage. Insurance cards are also accepted.

Scholarship recipients

Scholarships from certain organizations include medical insurance. In order to be exempt from the contribution required in the UdeM group Medical insurance coverage plan, where applicable, scholarship recipients must make sure that this information is included in their scholarship certificate and present proof of Medical insurance coverage to the Bureau des étudiants internationaux. Students covered by an international organization they work or their parents work for UNO, World Bank, IMF or other, may also get an exemption of the contribution.

Scholarship recipients must find out the amount of coverage provided for their dependents from the organization concerned.

Students with their family

Université de Montréal’s health insurance plan does not offer a family coverage plan. Therefore, students who are accompagnied by their family members (spouse and/or children) can contract a family plan with another insurer and could be exempted from the health insurance plan of Université de Montréal. Details from their family plan will be analysed by an international student advisor to decide if the student can be exempted.

You can consult this short list of companies:

o TIC Travel Insurance
o La Croix Bleue
o Travel Guard (en anglais)
o Travel Underwriters
o Ingle


In all those cases, student must bring proof and necessary documents at the International student office before those deadlines:

September the 30th for the Fall semester;

January the 31st for the winter semester;

May the 31th for the summer semester.

Here is list of insurers who can provide health insurances to student, and student families: liste d’assurances médicales. (Link in French)