For about the last twenty years, my wife and I have had a pretty simple rule: if we don't need to drive to work, we don't need to own a car. We applied this even in car-centric places by taking advantage of carshare services. People don't seem to understand just how easy modern carshare services have become, which is too bad, as they would benefit almost everyone. Get a 26% discount on Curiosity Stream + free access to Nebula: Patreon: Twitter: Reddit: One-time donations: NJB Live (my bicycle livestream channel): --- CarShare service shown in this video: Enterprise CarShare (Toronto) Fetch CarShare (Amsterdam) Sixt CarShare (Amsterdam) GreenWheels (Amsterdam) ConnectCar (Amsterdam) ShareNow (Amsterdam) MyWheels (Amsterdam) --- References and Image Credits Witkar launch video: Witkar [Wikipedia] You're Going to Love AutoShare [2011] AutoShare [YouTube] Global, national, and urban burdens of paediatric asthma incidence attributable to ambient NO2 pollution: estimates from global datasets Map data © OpenStreetMap Contributors "Cars are parked 95% of the time". Let's check! Amsterdam CarShare services map from: --- Chapters 0:00 Intro 0:06 When we lived without a car 0:45 Carsharing is really easy 1:04 It's not like a rental car 1:48 A brief history, Witkar, and AutoShare 2:26 An intro to carsharing types 2:53 How fixed carshare works 3:43 Different types of vehicles 4:59 How free-floating carshare works 5:54 Pricing and how to compare to owning 6:28 Car breakdowns: owning vs. carshare 7:30 Longer trips and weekends 8:15 I don't like paying for a parked car 8:53 Carsharing options in Amsterdam 9:13 How to use a typical carshare program 10:44 Charging & driving electric cars 11:22 Benefits of free-floating carshare 11:39 Conclusion 12:18 Patreon shout-out 12:31 Outro #carsharing #carclub #autoshare #autodelen