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It's not just reading anymore,

it's a conversation

Say hello to documents that respond to you! With AskYourPDF, your reading isn't just simple, it's fun!

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Add the AskyourPDF extension to your Chrome browser to start chatting effortlessly with any PDF. It saves you hours and boosts your productivity!

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Supercharge Document

Ever wished your documents could talk? With AskYourPDF, they can! Powered by ChatGPT we breathe life into your documents, making them interactive and engaging. No more endless scrolling or skimming – just upload, ask and uncover insights directly from your document

Discover a brand new way to interact with your documents on AskYourPDF.

Here, you give voice to your documents, turning them into engaging chat partners. What's more? You can effortlessly track and revisit all your conversations. Take control, ask questions, get answers, and never lose track of your learning. Ready to make your documents work for you?

Insightful Conversations

Unleash the chat power in your documents! Turn them into friendly Chatbot's,ready to share knowledge and insights.

Just upload and voila, your documents aren't just smart, they're your new best friends. Dive in, engage, and enjoy your most interactive reading experience yet!

Save Time

AskYourPDF brings the magic of AI to your fingertips! Dive into smart navigation, no more endless scrolling or page skimming.

Your documents transform into interactive buddies, ready to help you understand and engage in an instant!

Learn Playfully

Our AI-powered chat system not only provides you with accurate information but also fosters an enjoyable learning environment that keeps you coming back for more.

Plans for everyone

Experience the future of document interaction with AskYourPDF. Choose the plan that fits your needs and start engaging with your documents like never before:


Perfect for getting started! Experience the magic of AI-enhanced documents at no cost. Includes 100 chats per month.


Elevate your document interaction with unlimited chats, full conversation history, and priority support.


Most popular and Efficient

Elevate your document interaction with unlimited chats, full conversation history, and priority support.



Go all out on features! Get everything in the Pro Plan, plus priority document processing and access to new features.

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Take your document chats on the go with AskYourPDF app! Chat, track, learn - anytime, anywhere. Available on iOS and Android.

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We are making AskYourPDF API open for developers to build applications and services.